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Coming by a car:

Drive the direction to the city of Vrchlabí and you will go through the town of Jilemnice. In Jilemnice there is a big crossroads where you turn left (in case you were heading to Vrchlabí, that is East). Anyway, there should be a sign on that crossroads directin go to the Mísecky.  Now you will drive through a smaller curvy road to the mountains up. You pass the villages of Stepanice and Vítkovice. About 15 kms behind the crossroads in Jilemnice or 7 kms after you've left the village of Vítkovice you will see a big parking (the first one) on your right hand side. If you find yourseves coming to a dead end parking and you see lot of peopole and the Ski-tows far right you have driven too far. This is the upper (the second) parking. Turn around and go about 1,5 kms down. You can also reckognize that you have found the right place by a Tourist information table where you see the advertisements of hotel. In Summertime you can park your car directly in front of the hotel, so go on from the Parking, cross the small wooden bridge and take the path up to the Hotel. In Wintertime when the roads and the wooden bridge are covered with snow please do not try to go any further. Stop your car on the Parking and walk. If you give us a call we can pick your luggage with a snowmobile or our car.